Orix Crystal Wash Powder Detergent

ORIX Crystal Wash is the result of modern science and advanced technology. Great combination of three features – Color Xpert™, Dirt Zap™ and Mild on Hand™ gives ORIX Crystal Wash a unique advantage over other detergents.

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Features & Details

1. Color Xpert: Renews and prolongs clothing brightness.

2. Dirt Zap: Removes stains breaking down dirt and residues.

3. Mild on Hand: Crystal Wash is hard on dirt yet mild on hand. It takes care of both clothes and your dedicate skin.

Ingredient List

Sodium LAS
Sodium Carbonate
Sodium Sulphate
Calcium Carbonate
Polyaromatic Ester
Multi-enzyme Synergy
Florescent Optical Brightener and Color Surfactant Speckles.


1. For washing regular dirty clothes use 3 spoons of Orix Crystal Wash Powder Detergent.

2. For washing clothes with heavy dirt use 4 spoons of Orix Crystal Wash Powder Detergent.

Recommended Uses For Product

1. Keep the product in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

2. Keep away from children and avoid oral intake.

3. Keep Orix Crystal Wash Powder Detergent in a container and close the lid tightly when not in use.